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Let’s SPREAD THE WORD about policies BASED on LOVE that can bring PEACE and PROSPERITY to ALL.
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We are the richest country in the world.

We should have what all other Western democracies already have: most of the things below.

World Peace
Free College & Vocational Education
Free Health Care & Medicines
$15 Minimum Wage
Paid Vacations, Sick & Birth Leave For All
High Quality Child Care, Education For All
End Big Money In Politics, Voter Suppression
End Jail Destroying Families For Being Poor Or  Nonviolent Crimes
Save The Environment
Green New Deal
End Gun Massacres With Sensible Gun
Safety Laws
Resist Trump

Together we can change the world.

Democracy is very powerful. Public opinion drives politics.

Education/awareness is key.

War and drones only cause more terrorism.  A tiny fraction of our military budget can provide food, basic health care, and education worldwide and end wars and terrorism.

We can end poverty, self-defeating wars, big money in politics, unnecessary jail destroying families for being poor or nonviolent crimes, toxic pollution, and climate change.

What Drives Us

Our Mission


To promote widespread awareness of policies based on love.

To build a coalition of progressives, young people, minorities, and Christians to vote for these loving policies and win peace and prosperity for all.

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American Dream/Prosperity
Save The Environment
Save Our Democracy
Legal Justice
Gun Safety
Resist Trump

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A Few Examples of Our Shirts

Clean water & energy, not war
free health care & medicines like 29 other countries
free college, like 30 other countries
Angry Trump Shirt: We Are Better Than This!
We Are Better Than This!
Use Clean Water, Food, Medicines to End War
End Big Money in Politics
Award-winning author Chuck Falcon created these shirts to change the world.  Read his politics for peace and see more of his artwork.